The Guild of Marcella Vampire Series

In the dark and secret places of London, the cellars of derelict houses, abandoned Underground tunnels, crypts and other coverts, a small community of vampires has survived for almost two millennia, closely guarding the secret of their existence from the mortal world on which it preys for sustenance.

Mortal Peril is the first book in the series, telling the story of Martin,  a twenty year old man and two hundred year old vampire who returns to his lair one evening to find Roderick, his lover since the late eighteenth century has failed to come home.

Lost and stricken with guilt and grief, it is in doubt whether Martin will find the resolve to continue his sublunary existence. When Martin meets flame haired mortal student Anthony, he may find a reason to continue, but his troubles are just beginning.

Mortal Peril 2 Mortal Peril is available as an ebook from Amazon,  Smashwords and AllRomanceEbooks 


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