Dancing Phaedra

Dancing Phaedra9Dancing Phaedra is a novella set in the Late Roman Republic, with Antyllus, the temperamental young dancer who appeared in Gaius and Achilles, as its hero. Other characters from Gaius and Achilles also make an appearance. The story is set a few years before the events of Gaius and Achilles.

A young slave whore in a Roman brothel, Antyllus’ prospects seem bleak. Only a sense of his destiny keeps him from despair. A gifted and inspired dancer, Antyllus dreams of stardom.

Sent to a rich man’s party as part of the entertainment, Antyllus’ gift is spotted by Gabinius a wealthy Senator. Struggling to leave his past behind, Antyllus must contend with the demands of his new master and the challenges of his new disciplined life as a dancer.


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