About Clodia Metelli

I grew up in London, spending a childhood largely immersed in books and my own world of make-believe, fuelled by a kaleidoscope of literary and historical obsessions. This has mostly set the pattern for my life so far, and inspired me to spend years studying Greco-Roman society, gaining an MA and a PhD in the process.

Now I live by the sea with my partner and a black cat called Achilles.

I write mostly historical, mostly gay fiction. I also write urban fantasy, involving vampires. I see my vampire fiction as also historical, to a degree, as following the stories of immortals serves as an excuse to visit and explore many time-periods.

Most of my historical fiction is set in the ancient Greco-Roman period, which I studied for many years and which remains a passion with me (reading Suetonius can have a terribly corrupting effect on a young mind…).

I like to offer an alternative, more internalised window on Greco-Roman society, the emotional and cultural lives of courtesans and poets rather than the deeds of gladiators and victorious generals. An elegiac rather than epic perspective.   Nocturnal by habit and inclination, most of my reading and writing takes place through the dark watches of the night. 

You can connect with me on: Smashwords Goodreads and Livejournal.

You can also, of course, comment and subscribe on this blog and receive updates about my writing including free short fiction, book reviews and rambles about books and writing, the Romans and other stuff that comes up.

If by chance you have found your way here because you actually wanted to find out about Clodia Metelli who lived during the Late Roman Republic, you might find this page a useful starting point.


2 thoughts on “About Clodia Metelli

  1. Hello Clodia,

    I see that we published about the same time on smashwords. I enjoyed your blog post about colloquial English. Our books have one or two things in common, although my Alexander, while heterosexual, is still a virgin in his forties.

    From one self-publisher to another, I highly recommend you opt out of Amazon on smashwords and publish directly with the giant of the industry. My sales on Amazon are exponentially higher than with smashwords. Just a thought from someone wishing you every success.


    • Hi Andy,
      Thank you for commenting, I’m glad you enjoyed my post.
      I’ll be intrigued to have a look at your book on Smashwords (I’m guessing from your description that it is not about Alexander the Great!).
      Thanks for your suggestion re Amazon. As it happens, this is something I may well be going ahead with in the near future. Useful to have your insight that your sales are so much higher. Good luck to you in your literary endeavours!

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