Writing Plans for 2015

A Belated Happy New Year to you all!

Back home and getting settled after a pleasant and peaceful festive break with my family, it’s time to start thinking about some of my plans for writing and publishing in this still new and shiny 2015.

Perhaps as soon as  the end of this month, I hope to be bringing out yet another installment of my Gaius and Tiberius urban epic.

Palaistra_scene_Louvre_G457 Distracting Boy

I’m tempted to use this image for the cover, even though it’s Greek not Roman. Somehow, I don’t think that poor bearded man is going to get any work done today….

The Education of Gaius is a substantial erotic short story (I am anticipating about 12 000 words at this stage) set in the early stages of Gaius’ complicated relationship with Tiberius and the role this played in advancing his erotic education.

This story will be available as a free e-book and will hopefully entice new readers to the series as well as please those who’ve already met the protagonists and would like to renew their acquaintance.

In February,  I’m delighted to say, my vampire romance Mortal Peril will be featured in the M/M Romance’s Don’t Buy My Love event. Twenty  free copies of the novella will be offered  on a first come first served basis, with the understanding that the recipient will offer an honest review of the book in exchange, to be posted on the Goodreads site and elsewhere. I will give a reminder with the exact date nearer the time.

Beyond February, my plans grow a little hazier. One project I will definitely be working on is turning The Assassin of Laurentium, the short story I essayed back in May for the Loves Landscapes Anthology into a full length novel.

Tonight, glancing at an intriguing looking volume on my boyfriend’s bookshelf called Oscar Wilde’s London,  sparked in me the idea of writing another extended short story starring Martin of Mortal Peril and set in 1890s’ London. This is the germ of an idea – we shall see what comes of it.

Other than that, we shall see what other inspiration springs forth throughout the coming year!


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