NaNo Update: The First Third

Ten days in and I’m only just getting into my stride with NaNo after a slow start.

Currently, I am just shy of 6 000 words and with a projected completion date of 6th February, 2015. Most of those words, however, appeared in the last three days or so and that’s notwithstanding a loss of around 600 words when my writing programme crashed (yes, I should have some sort of backup for my files…).

Why has the impetus only kicked in at this comparatively late stage of the game?

Part of the reason is simply that I have reached a stage in the narrative of A Laurentine Education where events are moving fast and I’m drawn along with them. The initial scenes were all about character and background, requiring more time and patience to write. They can be revisited in the post NaNo period.

A possible lesson for the future is to begin writing at a narrative high point where the action is flowing and the lines seem to write themselves in willing waves of prose. The slower, more subtle scenes can be blocked in later.

It has also been a matter of schooling myself to sit and write consistently day by day. Hitherto, writing was what I did when I felt like it. A couple of long nights of writing when I had a gap between working shifts, and then perhaps only a couple of paragraphs to show for the following week. NaNo is already showing itself helpful in inspiring a steady daily output rather than erratic feast and famine.

Well, NaNo’s counter says it will take me an average of 2 207 per diem to finish on time – I can still do this!

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