Coming this Halloween…

Mortal Peril – the story of Martin, a vampire living in London, whose lover Roderick disappears one night without explanation. How do you survive being single after being with the same vampire for over two hundred years?

The vampire community strictly forbids vampires to involve themselves in the world of mortals, lest they reveal themselves.  Martin, however, is not ready to resign himself to a life of solitude, besides, up to now, Roderick has always got him out of any trouble…

Mortal Peril will be available from Amazon and Smashwords from October 31st.


2 thoughts on “Coming this Halloween…

  1. Congratulations! You must be very excited. Plus it’s the perfect date for releasing a vampire novel! 😀

    (Plus I just love the idea of more vampire novels not set in the US.)

    • Thanks Kim! Yes, I’ve been working on this story on and off for a while so I am excited about seeing it launched into the world! 🙂 The timing worked out well too. It is very much London based story though with a glimpse of Manchester too.

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