Coming Soon – The Assassin of Laurentium

This year, for the first time, I am participating in the Loves Landscapes event, hosted by the Goodreads Group M/M Romance.

Each year, group members are invited to select a picture and write a letter to prospective authors about the kind of story they would like to read about the characters in the picture. These letters and pictures are then posted as prompts over several days and any member of the group whether seasoned author, or brand new to publishing can pick a prompt that appeals to them on a first come, first served basis and undertake to write that story.

Initially I kept missing the times when the prompts were being released and wondered if I’d miss the boat altogether. (I realised later that it was because I was confused by time zones.)

As luck would have it, however, one trawl co-incided with the release of a picture of a strikingly beautiful blond young man draped in wisps of fabric in a lovely setting and the prompt to go with it also caught my imagination.

I don’t want to give too much away at this stage, but the story that has developed in the last couple of months is set to be my first public foray into fantasy fiction.

I’ve really enjoyed creating the world for this story and will most likely want to revisit and expand upon it. It is a late classical, early medieval sort of a world with Greco-Roman and Celtic influences showing strongly so far.

Laurentium is an ancient and cultured city that for centuries was at the centre of an Empire and officially still is – but its glory is fading and its hegemony is acknowledged to some degree more as a way for the burgeoning new kingdoms of the Empire to keep peace amongst themselves than because it can still rule the world through efficiency and force of arms. It continues in its millennial old ways in an unspoken state of proud decay..

Loves Landscapes stories are going to be released throughout the Summer for free download in various formats and will finally be available as an anthology.

I will update here with further news and maybe some snippets..



4 thoughts on “Coming Soon – The Assassin of Laurentium

  1. Sounds interesting. I’ve read a few good stories from that group. If I didn’t already have more writing projects than I can handle, I’d be tempted to join and try my hand at something new.

    • I’m hoping it will be fun. It’s the first time I’ve really been involved in such a big event.
      It’s true I have had to slow down on my other projects while drafting this story to meet the deadline.

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