Brothers of the Watch: Review

Brothers of the WatchBrothers of the Watch by Miri Thompson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a story that defies restriction to any one category.

A fantasy set in a well-realised world of pre-industrial city states, one of which, Halcrest, where this story is set, happens to be under the protection of a mysterious and numinous dragon, Obsidian.

It is also, in part, a murder mystery: when a child murderer walks free due to lack of evidence, he is found later that night in an alley with his throat cut and Watchman Shane Corlisa standing over the body. Even Brock Parr, his partner in the Watch and his closest friend will not believe Shane’s protestations of innocence.

This is a story also immersed in the drama of family life. Shane’s life is spared by the enigmatic Obsidian, but he is condemned to a lifetime of servitude. Brock, his best friend and the man who testified against him when he was on trial for his life becomes Shane’s new master. It is in the midst of Brock’s large and growing family, vividly depicted, that Shane commences his struggle to prove his innocence and incidentally renews his acquaintance with Brock’s not unattractive younger brother, Dev.

Finally and most importantly, this is a story about the deep and complex friendship between Shane Corlisa and Brock Parr, his loyal brother of the Watch who became his accuser and then his master.

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