Review of Evening Rounds

Evening Rounds (Outsider, #2; Love is Always Write)Evening Rounds by Steelwhisper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a brutal, vivid glimpse into another world, that of the fabled British boarding school. Although the setting is contemporary, the scene and the values and attitudes that led to it could equally have emanated from Tom Brown’s Schooldays. I can well believe however that little has changed, based on conversations I’ve had from those who had such a – privileged schooling.

The writing is polished and confident, of a piece with the formality of the setting. The story of youthful cruelty is relayed by the victim to his lover in the third person and with such a detached elegance that it was bordering on ambiguity whether this was his voice or that of an omniscient narrator.

A painfully elegant vignette that left me wanting more.

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