First Story: Meeting Tiberius

I have just added a new short story ‘Meeting Tiberius’ set in the Gaius and Achilles universe, around six years before the events of the book.

Meeting Tiberius


2 thoughts on “First Story: Meeting Tiberius

  1. I found you on Goodreads today. It sounds like we are both working in somewhat similar areas. I’m also working on a draft of historical fiction. Mine’s set near Troy just before and during the Trojan War. I signed up for your email subscription. Good luck with your project. I’m hoping to send mine out to agents in a month or so (after more than six years work!) My website if you’re interested is

    • Thanks for dropping in on my shiny new blog and subscribing!
      Six years work is impressive – you must have invested a great deal of research and care in your novel. It sounds intriguing, Homer gives wonderfully vivid character sketches but leaves you plenty of scope to work within.
      I’m planning to put a few free stories and excerpts up here, over the next few months, while I revise ‘Gaius and Achilles’, which is set in Rome in the Late Republic – (Catullus gets a walk-on part!) so, hope you enjoy reading!

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