Salvete! Greetings!

Hello and welcome to my new fiction blog!

At the moment, there isn’t much to see, but shortly (subject to visits from friendly Muses), I plan to put up one or two short stories for your enjoyment and so you can get an idea of what I write.

Within the coming months, I hope to post here my first completed novel “Gaius and Achilles” which is currently in the final throes of becoming a complete, working draft, before the final work of revision.

“Gaius and Achilles” is an historical romance, set in ancient Rome. It is the story of the developing relationship between Achilles, a beautiful and cultivated young man, who is captured by pirates and enslaved and Gaius Manlius Torquatus, a decadent Roman aristocrat and poet who finds himself his owner.


4 thoughts on “Salvete! Greetings!

  1. Welcome to WordPress. It’s a nice step up from LJ. Let me know if you run into trouble with features. It’s a powerful site, and takes a while to learn some of the ins and outs.

    • Thank you, I’m finding my way on this step by step but sometimes it can feel counter-intuitive and I may well be glad of your knowledge at some point.
      Yes, WordPress does have a very nice, polished sort of feel about it that is very satisfying.

      Thanks for being my first commenter!

    • Thank you so much – I had great fun agonising over all the different themes available and tinkering with the customisation – glad you like it. I hope to have something here soon : ))

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